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As the law has become more complex, Morrow & McKenzie have concentrated on services centred around estate planning, wills and contests arising from them, commercial arrangements and disputes, children and the law.

In addition we make sure that the steps necessary to convey a property, and put in place leases, are met efficiently.

As with many aspects of life careful planning provides the best outcome and the following range of services can be used for that purpose.

Powers of Attorney

The use of an Enduring Power of Attorney enables you to appoint and authorise one or more people to manage your financial and personal affairs when you are not present or are otherwise unable to do so. Care must be taken to specify when the appointment is to operate, the extent of the powers, and whether attorneys must act jointly or independently.


Medical Treatment Decision Maker

Enables the person or persons you appoint to make decisions about medical treatment on your behalf when you are unable to do so.


Power of Guardianship

Enables the person you trust and appoint to make decisions not only in respect to medical matters, but also about your residency and care when you are unable to make those decisions for yourself.


Estate Planning

The disposition of your assets on your death needs to be carefully considered. The process can be simple, but each time a will is made there should be a careful examination of your assets, the way in which those assets are currently being used to generate income, the taxation consequences of any proposed bequest, and a consideration of the benefits under any superannuation policy.



Must be validly drawn and should reflect;
- Which assets are to go to those for whom you have an obligation to provide.
- The person or persons whom you have chosen to administer your estate.
- The most tax effective way to transfer assets on your death.


Estate Administration

Our staff are experienced in assisting executors in administering estates and ensuring that the process is completed quickly, is cost effective, and avoids any adverse taxation consequences.


Disputed Estates

Where there is a dispute in respect to beneficiary's entitlements under an estate our considerable experience in such matters enables many disputes to be resolved by negotiation or mediation, thus preserving family relationships which at times can be strained. In those disputes where such alternative dispute resolution techniques do not work, we have the experience to guide you through the litigation process to achieve the best result possible in your circumstances.



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